Josie’s Story

Our story is unlike most… we were at opposite points in our lives and somehow against all odds came together. I was a young mother, recently divorced with 3 children under the age of 4… He was a college student, single and free. He went from the ultimate bachelor to the ultimate father. Suddenly what seemed so improbable became our destiny. A life filled with unconditional love. We were true soulmates.

But that story isn’t the one I’m here to tell… the real story started the day he left the Earth. When our connection would be tested like no other obstacle we had faced before. A grief journey filled with laughter, love, loss, hope, sorrow, and every inconceivable emotion in between with him as our biggest cheerleader encouraging us every step of the way!

I am going to start at the beginning then go forward in time and back again… In the words of Timon and Pumba in Lion King 1 1/2 “They’re gonna be CONFUUUUSED” (I can hear his voice saying those words and laughing – one of our favorite movies).

When we jumped in our car and headed off on vacation we never imagined that one of us wouldn’t come home. But three weeks later there I was making arrangements for his final days; recording his last wishes and listening to him say what I thought were his final goodbyes to his best friends and family. He dictated all the music we played and with every song choice he shared the special meanings and memories behind them. We danced, we sang, we cried and just before the pastor prayed over us all… I asked him to be my Patrick Swayze (because we always loved and joked about the movie Ghost). We were in awe of his courageousness in his final hours. It was almost as if he knew that this wasn’t the end but that our story was just beginning.

From the moment his soul took off in the sunrise I could still feel his presence and started noticing small coincidences, but brushed them off as just that. After a few weeks, I just couldn’t ignore the multiple signs and giant billboards any longer. I had to learn all I could about communicating with my “dead” soulmate so I could validate and reaffirm that our journey together was not over.

One of the first things I discovered was I could use the necklace with his wedding ring on it as a pendulum to ask yes or no questions. As our communication continued and our connection grew, he encouraged me to practice my meditation rituals and find new ways to open myself up to the magic all around me. I had a crystal massage which aligned my chakras and is where I had my first experience with astral projection. Each time he appears to me as a deep shade of purple and gold, reminding me of a field of pansies or African violets. My psychic attunement becomes more heightened during each massage (I have tried Lomilomi and Reiki also).   I journal all

my thoughts, experiences, travels, and each “love letter” as I like to call my tarot readings. At his suggestion we go shopping for tarot cards and not just one deck – multiple decks and oracle decks too! The cards are a way for him to expand his vocabulary. I realize it’s not about what you believe but being open minded to it all. We make our own pendulum boards with specific words and phrases. I familiarize myself with the local crystal boutique and purchase crystals relying on my natural instincts and his persistent encouragement and advice. My personal crystal collection has taken over my house and flooded my space with incredible energy. Every step over the past two years has been guiding me to where I am now. I am so excited to help others harness their inner power and expand their minds.

In spite of losing my soulmate and better half I feel extremely grateful and blessed with this amazing gift… and compelled to share our story. A message of laughter, love, and hope for eternal life.

-Josie (LOUD)

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