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Somehow I think my destiny was chosen the day my mom chose my name, Jade. It wasn’t common in the 80’s. She has no idea how she came up with it, just that she truly loved the name. It is said Chinese emperors were buried in suits made of Jade because they believed it would make them live on forever. This is so curious to me because death/dying has always been one of my biggest fears and fascinations. It seems comical that my name is Jade and I have always said I want to live forever. Those who know me best have heard me say multiple times, I want to be part Cylon or download me into a computer so I can live forever.

The path that brought me to this point in my life has been interesting to say the least.

I have felt my whole life the need to question and explore especially when it came to religion, the afterlife, destiny/fate, and all things spiritual. When I was younger I was the free-thinking, open minded, spiritual person. In college I took a few religion and philosophy courses, and became the objective skeptic and scientific one. As an adult, I would describe myself as an atheist. Only ever agreeing on the fact that energy cannot be destroyed. It wasn’t until after my Dad left the Earth that I would embark on what I believe is my true path.


My Dad has been the center of my universe for as long as I can remember. I’m not surprised that he figured out a way to make sure it stayed that way. If a love could transcend space, time, realms it would be his love for us. Maybe losing him made me open to other things because I was searching for a way to still have him with me. Maybe there are no coincidences, maybe it’s all part of a bigger plan.


I grieved the sudden loss of my Dad hard. It was overwhelming and completely devastating to think about him being gone. I struggled but I knew that I had to keep going for my son and for my Mom. To help cope and bring some joy, my cousin and I carefully planned and created “Dal-Box”, a monthly surprise mimicking other monthly subscriptions. Each month had a different theme of all things Dad-related to keep him as part of our lives and to help Mom with her new reality. The monthly box for their anniversary month contained my Dad’s wedding band that he had given me for safe keeping after it was cut off his hand at the hospital, it was transformed into a heart pendant for a necklace. I would have never guessed this would be the beginning of my Mom communicating with my Dad in the afterlife. When she first told me I was more than skeptical. But the first time I witnessed it I was enthralled, filled with hope and somehow still so hesitant.


The one year Dal-Box contained all the necessary components to host the most epic séance (I don’t know how anyone could top it!). In true Jade fashion, I researched and planned every detail. This is when the next chapter in my life and spiritual journey would begin. My first thought out crystal purchases and tarot deck. I practiced, read rituals, and prepared. We did Wiccan rituals/prayers to open the communication, crystals to harness the energy, increase vibration and for protection, and his ring to communicate. The beginning of the séance was a visualization technique in which each person at the table shared their experiences. I remember mine so vividly because I could feel my hair standing straight up when I closed my eyes, almost as if I were hanging upside down. And then it all made sense that would be my experience because my Dad always dipped me (as he was my favorite dance partner).


From this night, I began to slowly open myself up to the idea of speaking to him and the possibility of something else being out there. It mostly began in the car, when I was alone, or when I was really upset. I’d play one of our many songs and call out to him or just start talking like he was sitting next to me. Over the months, my tarot passion grew – my Mom’s crystal collection GREW and so did our bond, including the super-natural bond with my Dad.


So here we are… just celebrated my Dad’s 2 year “re-birthday” and starting off on what truly feels like our calling. If for no other reason but to have fun together, bonding over beautiful crystals and spreading the light.


I hope our little shop can help aid the healing of others.


Aka Jadethyst



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