Our Vision

Light of Jade was created after grieving the sudden loss of my Dad. More than anything we want to grow a beautiful, safe space for others to come and heal their minds, spirits, and hearts. We hope this little crystal shop will grow into a magical space where we can offer tarot and oracle card readings and communications. We believe in using crystals to alleviate what ails your physical body, emotional and mental state, and your spirit. We want to spread hope and help people connect with loved ones, spirit guides or just with people here on Earth.

Let’s spread the light by cultivating loving relationships with yourself and others through light work and using crystal energy and vibrations.

With love and light,
Jade and Josie

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Sarah Roberts

3 years ago

Love this so much gorgeous ladies❤️ What a true gift you are to me and everyone else. I am truly moved and so grateful I can be a part of this beautiful path you are on😘. Hugs ladies and lots and lots of love💜💜💜

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